How To Travel The World Almost For Free

Traveling the world for free is a thought that goes in every traveler’s mind.
It is possible to travel the world with a small budget. Here are few ideas for reducing costs and travel the world almost for free.

Surely you’ve thought about it! How fun is it just traveling the world for free with no worries about your budget? You can meet new people, see amazing views, and experience new things.
If money wasn’t a serious limitation, I’m sure that most of us would be traveling the world constantly.

I’m writing this post after many thoughts about many travelers I’ve seen during my trips around the world. I’ve met travelers my age who have been traveling the world for several years. How jealous I am!
That would be awesome if I could just travel the world like they do, but again, there comes the main reason why I can’t – MONEY.

Travel the world for free guide

Traveling the world for free.. every traveler’s dream, even mine!

So, instead of just being jealous of them, I chose to get inspired and gathered some different tips for traveling to amazing places at  minimum costs, and sometimes even earning some money.

Become a Freelancer

If you are blessed with any skill, you may leverage it, and work for others who may need your help for a project.
How? You can work for other people in so many different ways, such as the following:

  • Writing a content
  • translation
  • websites building
  • software programming
  • designing
  • affiliate

I can keep listing  things forever, but I’m sure you get the point.
You just need to sign up for any of these sites who can connect freelancers and people seeking workers. Some of these sites include: OdeskFreelancer and Elance.

Teach a Language Abroad

If English is your mother tongue, then you are very lucky.
There are so many places that will host you for free in return for English lessons. In Africa and southeast Asia, the demand for English teachers is huge.

* You can teach any language, as long as there are people who want to learn.

English teaching abroad

English teaching abroad. Photo by: Rex Pe

Sell Things Online

How many times have you bought something on the internet? I think I buy most  of my things on the net. You can try opening an account on eBay or Amazon and try selling things you can find for cheap to people want them. I know it’s not as easy as it sounds, as the market today is saturated with cheap Chinese merchandise, but if you look, you can find good quality products you may sell to earn a large amount of money. If you know how to create things with your own hands, then again, you are blessed. People love buying art products and jewelry, especially if they are hand-made. On etsy, you can sell only hand-made products; this may be the place for you.

Run a Blog

Don’t skip this! You don’t have to know any programming language in order to be a blogger. I have no idea about programming and have had no training in HTML, CSS, or any other type of computer skills. If there is any subject you have totally mastered and know everything about, you should run your own blog. other people are just craving for your knowledge. The most important thing about running a blog is that you create unique content with value to other people. It may not be easy at first, but if your blog contains good content, the traffic will come sooner or later. Here is a nice guide for how to run a blog.


You’ve probably heard about wwoof or helpX. Well, wwoof means World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms; basically, it’s opened the doors for travelers around the world to volunteer on farms in exchange for accommodation and meals. The tasks sometimes require physical efforts and may vary from one farm to another. Each farm has it own rules, so you should check prior to going and see what the expectations are for  volunteers 

WWoof volunteer

WWoof – not the easy. Photo by: strikeael


Did you experience one of these methods? Do you have more ideas for how to save money when traveling? Please share us with your thoughts.